11 Week Pregnancy Update

Well, my plan was to update every 5 weeks, buuut…this pregnancy has been keeping me pretty exhausted lately! Better late than never, I guess! Here’s my 11 week update! Baby is the size of a lime this week and is officially a fetus, not just an embryo anymore! The baby is growing hair follicles and […]

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Toddler Theme Play: Farm

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning” –Fred Rogers The toddler age can be tough. Between the toddler tantrums & the fact that they most likely aren’t quite talking yet & if they are, they still are struggling to communicate effectively which can be frustrating for them (and parents)! They are […]

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Recipe: Shrimp Boil Packets

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! This post is a little delayed. As you may know, I am now 7w 3d along in this pregnancy and the exhaustion and major morning all day sickness hit me like a ton of bricks last week! Brandon was home Sunday and Monday and I can’t even tell you […]

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First Bump Update!

Hello again! Welcome back to my blog! Time to give my first pregnancy/bump update from earlier this week! 5 Weeks June 16, 2019 Baby #2 hit 5 weeks as of last Sunday (currently 6 weeks as I write this). I’m a week behind because of my introduction post last week. My plan is to take […]

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Hello & welcome! If you’re reading this then you’ve found my new blog! I’m so excited to start writing…what am I writing about you may be asking? Well, read on below to find out what kind of content I plan to share in this space! You may have already guessed, if you read my short […]

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